Everything you need to start learning Welsh right now

Learn the Welsh Language at your pace and in your own time with our free Audio Lessons.The Learn Welsh Now course (also known online as The Learn Welsh Podcast) is ideal for complete beginners and returning learners who want to become confident and fluent speakers of the Welsh Language. Each lesson teaches Welsh words, phrases and grammar in an easy to understand form. The lessons cover all aspects of conversational Welsh that will help you to understand and be understood by fluent Welsh Speakers. Join the 20,000 plus Welsh Learners from all over the World who Learn Welsh using the Learn Welsh Now course.


Beginners: If you are new to learning Welsh  download the free Learn Welsh Podcast lessons or subscribe to them via iTunes. The lessons are for complete beginners but would also be good  for intermediates that want to revise the Language.

Extra Courses Available: If you already listen to the Podcast there are Extra Learning materials you can buy to  aid your study of the Welsh Language.

Learn Welsh Podcast App: The Learn Welsh App teaches Welsh from beginner's to intermediate level, with new lessons added weekly. The app also includes extra bonus materials including Revision Guides, notes on the Welsh Language and audio dialogues to make learning the Welsh language a rich learning experience. Available for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

Book with Downloadable Audio Lessons: For those of you who would rather a more structured book and CD course the first Volume of a new Welsh Language Course called 'Learn Welsh Now! - A beginners guide to everyday Welsh' is now available as an ebook and paperback book with free downloadable Audio Lessons.


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